In response to Hookers for Hillary, a campaign launched by brothel tycoon Dennis Hof, a group of dominatrices in New York are making their submissives Feel the Bern. They posted an ad on Backpage offering 15-minute spankings for $27 and are donating all the proceeds to Sanders’ campaign.


Here’s what the Dommes for Bernie had to say:

“We’re three Dommes and a vanilla [that’s  me] who believe in women’s rights, labor rights, destroying white supremacy, and smashing the patriarchy. We’ve all had experience working in dungeons throughout Manhattan, but are now independent. We’ll donate $27 for every sub who orders a Bernie special. That number’s significant because it’s the average contribution that his campaign’s received. And we’re only offering the special to clients with six-figure salaries, or more. We think it’s poetic justice to dominate men who benefit from capitalism, and then donate their tributes to a candidate who stands up for those that are most harmed by it. Hillary Clinton doesn’t support legalized prostitution, which goes to show that her support for women is conditional and rooted in respectability politics. It’d be ridiculous for us to support a person who doesn’t acknowledge our autonomy and advocates for our arrests. We believe that even though Bernie Sanders is an old white dude, he’s as sincere as politicians get in his quest to dismantle the corrupt oligarchy that this country has become. He seems to understand intersectional feminism, and the changes that he’s proposing will, by and large, benefit women of color. “


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