Post Vision is a collective of artists who are inspired by and through the Internet. Most of the artists within the group support each other and deal with similar themes. Right now we’re focused on 3D art, but slowly expanding into other media, such as photography and sculpture.

Although the Internet is a social medium, the user is forced to confront the inevitable solitude that comes with interacting through it. The artists at Post Vision capture the way the Internet acts as a social capsule for the person behind the computer screen.

The group was started in February by Nicole Ruggiero and Tighe Rzankowski, who are also artists within the collective. Since then, Franziska Von Guten also joined as a curator. Within the coming months, we’re planning to partner with GIPHY for their first gallery exhibition in NYC. 


Jason Ebeyer (@jasonebeyer)

“I grew up in very religious household so I’ve always been surrounded by religious art. I took inspiration for this clip from images of baby Jesus with a gold halo and mixed those ideas with the Baphomet pose, opposites sometimes go well together.”


Sasha Katz (@wonderkatzi)

“I made this image after I spilt a glas of water on my notebook, had to repair the motherboard. A notebook underwater for me is the quintessence of beauty and nightmare.”


Jeremy Keehen (@jmckeehen)

The pieces I create are extensions of my soul and recreations of what I see every time I close my eyes. This one actually started out with the phone choking her, as if it had a vice grip, leaving her no other choice but to opt for the selfie. As in most of my work, though, it evolved to become something else. Most of it is up to individual interpretation, but this one left me feeling a very specific way. It carries those subtle undertones of aggression, but with a familiar seduction we all can relate to when it comes to new technology.”12519574_1544060399225893_2039223113_n

Mike Parisella (@slimesunday)

“This one was inspired after i saw a really dope bechance project by Deskriptiv. Im pretty sure they used processing to create their splines but I found a way of doing in C4D. I was so effin pumped when I found out a way to do it.”12818942_226921340984978_1367959391_n

Jess Audrey Lynn (@jessaudreylynn)

“Unexpected inspiration took over 4 this one. Everything i make is basically like a daydream in my own little but really big universe. My own world where I see comfort in creating something that satisfies me and that never existed. This is my fantasy manifesting and you get to see what my soul sees and dreams of!”

Jasper Heenan(@jabbathekid)


Troy Ford (@xpurehoneyx)

I’ve always been quite fascinated by trying to capture a fabricated moment in time. Sort of the millisecond when you realize your psyche/ego/physical form is literally being torn in two and leaking onto the ground. It was an attempt to capture terror and resignation with the realization that in moments you will be nothing more than a puddle but at least its pretty when it happens.”12751403_1703609196545016_2060452258_n

Blake Thomas (@blakekathryn)

I’d love to say something really deep went on in my head as I crafted this holographic fruit up. To be real with you guys it was more of a process where my sailor’s mouth went wild as I realized I fell behind in a project. Thank goodness in hindsight, my life would be a little less shiny without it.”11378620_1777247822505609_1976157646_n

Josefin Jonsson (@pastelae)

“Floating in pink space in a polygon body with the lols streaming down my face.
Dreamcloud upload of feelings.
My heart, a pink diamond sparkling for you”


Randy Cano (@randy.cano)

I really really hate waking up in the mornings because I usually stay up late, and wanted to visualize how waking up makes me feel.”


Clarita Luzian (@renderfruit)

“Let it flow, go blind, adapt.”


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