Some things I’ve noticed from watching some interviews with “alt-right” fascist Milo:

1. He really hates being associated with alt-right fascism in spite of the fact that that’s exactly what he is, that’s exactly the political space he inhabits. He wants to be seen as some kind of rebel “bad boy” taking on the establishment in spite of the fact that Breitbart News, the organ he works for, has access to the highest levels of the state with Bannon in the white house. He’s just an extremist right-wing rich kid. So keep associating him with the fascist alt-right. It’s a correct association, it undermines the “bad boy” image he works so hard at cultivating, and it makes him angry.

2. More than anything he wants to be granted a platform. He wants to be part of the debate. He talks a lot about “the left is unable to debate me,” to try and bait the left into debating fascism. He does not want the left to shut him down, he wants the left to debate him. Don’t fall for this trap. Decades, almost a century in fact, of anti-fascist organizing has taught us that this is how fascists get their foot in the door. For them, it does not matter in the least who “wins” the debate. Simply by being in the debate their putrid ideology gets legitimized as just another school of thought in the liberal “marketplace of ideas.” Simply by being in the debate they win, regardless of how superior the arguments against them are. Fascism is impervious to argument. Look at how little effect fact-checking and reasoned critiques have had on stopping Trump. Don’t fall for this “you’re afraid to debate me” trap. They’ve already lost the debate. That debate was the horrors of the twentieth century, from lynchings and pogroms to concentration camps. Why should the groups — women, Muslims, Native people, Black people, immigrants, transgender people — have to debate their humanity? Fascism does not get the dignity of a debate.

3. He, and his colleagues such as Richard Spencer and other neo-fascist trash, do not like that their college speaking engagements are being shut down. They prefer mild liberal protest outside of their talks to feed their narcissism and generate buzz about them and to give them “SJWs” to mock to make their fawning followers laugh, but they clearly do not like people actually getting militant enough to shut their talks down completely. They are parasites using the university (which they despise and openly admit they want to destroy) to aggrandize themselves and their fascist movement. Continue making the university unsafe for them. Continue shutting them down to the point that universities realize that hosting these fascists is more trouble than it is worth. Do not allow them to use OUR universities as platforms for their fascism.

4. When protesting guys like Milo and Spencer, don’t use their names. Because they are narcissists, they love people to be out there holding signs with their names on them. They use pictures of people with such signs to appeal to the right wing: “look, the coddled, triggered SJWs hate me! Ha ha!” The antifascists were smart to, rather than hold anti-Milo signs, hold anti-fascist flags and anti-fascist signs. Instead of signs that say “Stop Milo,” have signs that say “Stop fascism.” Don’t feed their narcissism. If they want to show pictures of protesters, let those pictures be of people who are clearly anti-fascist and not merely anti specific personalities.

Don’t engage them in debate (or allow them to bait you into a debate), and do not give them a platform at all, at all, at all. Don’t interview them for your newspaper, blog, podcast, or tv show. They already have plenty of mainstream media access as it is. Shut them down and let them cry to FOX News (which will never be on our side no matter how “civil” we are) about their free speech being violated, and shut them down again.

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