A  few months ago, NYC’s Metropolitan Transit Authority rejected ads for Thinx underwear because they included “suggestive” images of (NSFW) a halved grapefruit, and an egg yolk.



Outraged by the blatant misogyny behind this ban, I slid on a hand-sewn vagina mask and dashed into the subway to protest. During the strangely still hours of a NY night, I hopped from station to station, leaving behind menstruation-positive ads and tampon dispensers.




Here’s what I had to say to Mashable:

“The ads for Thinx underwear were approved, but the head of the MTA still stated that he personally found them offensive. Well, I’m offended that something as natural as menstruation is stigmatized, and that it’s considered taboo to speak about it. I didn’t do this to promote [Thinx] in any way. I did it to combat shame, and to provide a tampon for anyone who ends up needing one while commuting. Some women bleed out of their vaginas, have body hair and take giant shits. It’s all natural. Get over it and let us live.”



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